Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ice cream sundaes at the Daniels after a hard night of proselyting
Sushi with Elders Allen, Thurber and Dadivas
Sister Kawasaki's baptismal service with Elder Kawahara and Sisters Taneda, Uchida, and Imoto
Elder Clinton taking advantage of his height while blocking Sister Ujike
Volleyball action shot
Leadership Training Meeting
English Musical Program with Elder Allen, Sister Blyle, Elder and Sister McCready
Elders Clinton, Kobayashi, Christensen, Taniuchi
Sister Ujike and Elders Fukuyasu, Willis, Allen at the fireside
Leadership Training luncheon
Leadership Training Meeting with Elders Kinard, Suzuki, Taniuchi, Tashiro, Lawry, Dadivas Ackerman, Allen, Kobayashi, Butler, Kawasaki
Elder Willis Birthday Celebration
Sister Uchida cooked us a delicious mabudofu dinner. Sisters Kishi and Kaneko also partook.
Morning volleyball
Elder Kinard and Turner painted a picture of President Daniels for his birthday
Birthday celebration with some of the missionaries
Departing missionaries p-day lunch of chimichangas
Birthday wishes from daughter Lauren and Dani and Miriem
Surprise early morning birthday party after sports
First of many birthday celebrations
Morning basketball
Elders Christy, Lawry, Fetters, Endsley, Ackerman, Robertson, Dadivas
Elders Kokusho, Kobayashi, Takatsuka, Kobayashi, Kawahara
Elders Christy, Santiago, Gandy, Robinson, Dadivas, Fetters, Allen, Willis, Tamashiro, Robertson, Nakama, Kawahara, KObayashi
Musical Christmas program at Kotoni Ward
Atsubetsu post-sacrament lunch provided by Elder and Sister Fuji: Elders Robinson, Miller, Butler, Bellows, Sister Fuji, Imoto, Saito, Shannon, Uchida, Kaneko, Elder Fuji
Elder Allen and Shannon performing at the Asahikawa Christmas Musical Program
Asahikawa Christmas program
Asahikawa Zone Christmas Musical Program; Sisters Kaneko, Arae, Niiyama, Uchida, Gingrich. Elders Jensen, Robinson, Endo, Tuttle, Christensen, Fetter, Turber, Kashima, Lazenby, Takashima, Dadivas, Migita, Allen, Miller, Stoddard
Morning volleyball
The three returning sister missionaries: Sisters Uchida, Kaneko, and Arae taking some final notes before departing
Transfer spot with Sisters Muir, McCready, Matsuki, Saito, Kaneko, Uchida, Arae, Gingrich, Drasso
Transfer sport with Elders Lazenby, Fukuyasu, Chang, Ashimine, Lawry, Christy, Bellows, Kokusho, Robinson
Transfer spot with Elders Shurtliff, Christensen, Fetters, Stoddard, Willis
Early morning volleyball with Sisters Imoto, Saito, Taneda, Kaneko, Elders Robinson, Yanez, Hattori, Shurtliff, Santiago, Suzuki, Miller

Friday, December 17, 2010

Our new missionaries: Sister Kishi and Elders Endsley and Yanez. Trainers are Sister Ujike, Elders Ackerman and Suzuki
We received three new missionaries this transfer but we are losing 10 missionaries
New missionaries picking between McDonalds and Sapporo Ramen for their first meal in the mission.
Elder Suzuki and McCready's birthday celebration with the mission home staff.
Sisters Imoto and Taneda with members and investigators
Our wonderful office couple, Elder and Sister McCready
Elders Ackerman, Robertson, Robinson, Kokusho with investigators
Sisters Saito and Kaneko at our Naze Fireside
Sisters Etchuu and Ishida with investigators

Elder Sato and Santiago's baptism - SisterNemoto (holding her daughter). Her mother and sister were baptized earlier this year.
Early morning volleyball

Tim Tam Slams with the Elders
ZL Council Meeting. Sitting: Elders Taniuchi, Takashima, Tashiro. Standing: Elders Miller, Kinard,Nakama, Ackerman, Clinton, Kawahara, Kashima, Kobayashi, Robinson, Suzuki
Zone Leader Council lunch
Asahikawa Zone: Sitting Elders Miller,Sisters Gingrich,Arae. Standing: Elders Takashima, Robinson,Thurber, Tuttle, Bellows, Fetters, Jensen, Kobayashi, Takeda, Taniuchi, Takatsuka, Suzuki
Asahikawa lunch
Welcome bean shower for Elder Kobayashi
Sister Muir and Drasso invited us to their apartment for dinner