Sunday, May 30, 2010

We attended the Urakawa branch this Sunday
Dinner with the Kobayashi family from the Urakawa branch
Park Golf
Elder Lowry's final evening in the mission.
Team up lesson with the Asahikawa sisters: Kamiya and Ishida
Asahikawa Zone Conference
Nicole Matsuyama hosted a p-day activity at her house
Asahikawa football game
Asahikawa zone lunch
Asahikawa zone lunch
The tulips are blooming throughout Hokkaido
P day volleyball and basketball

Hakodate Zone
Sisters Zone Workshop teaching the resistance some investigators have from their parents
Morning football with the Hakodate Zone
Dinner with Sister Kaneko's father who is a Doctor in Hakodate. Sisters Kaneko, Uchida, Tsuji, Imoto
View from Hakodate mountain
Ryosuke Ogura returned to Sapporo to have lunch with us and then to propose to Ami Nishino, a member in the Teine Ward

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Team up lesson with Sisters Niiyama and Kaneko
Early morning football with Elders Fukuyasu, Lemme, Nakama, Fry, Taniuchi and Sisters Kawachi, Muir, Ujike and Arae
Early morning basketball with Elders Fukuyasu, Takashima, Endo, Fry, Lawler Sisters Blyle and Uchida and the Shracks
Sisters Kaneko, Ujike, Hansen and Arae with investigators
Sisters Uchida and Blyle with one of their new converts
Elders Shurtliff and Dadivas at our Mission Home Fireside with the Shracks
Elders Taniuchi and Nakama at our Mission Home Fireside
Dinner with Elder and Sister Shrack (our returned missionaries who were recently married and came and visited us) with Sister Hansen and her mother
Cherry blossom time with the Taylor family who are in our ward in Sappor and Sister Hansen and her mother
The Ebetsu Ward YM and YW came for a mission tour

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Zone Leader Council Meeting: Sisters Saito, Hosan Elders Robinson, Allen, Fry, Dadivas, Christensen, Lawler, Miller, Shoji, Lemme, Thurber, Urata, Suzuki, Tashiro
Zone Leaders after our morning work out
Zone Leader Dinner
Sisters Conference Front row: Sisters Niiyama, Ishida, Hansen, Hansen, McCready Middle row: Sisters Tsuji, Hosan, Saito, Kawachi, Muir, Arae, Kaneko, Top Row: Sisters Imoto, Kamiya, Ujike, Uchida, Blyle
Sisters Lunch
A sad farewell to Elder Nagata and Dickson and Sister Hansen
Combined welcome and farewell dinner for our new and departing missionaries
Cherry blossom time with Elder Nagata and Dickson
Trainer's tim tam slam party
New missionary and trainer's lunch
Morning volleyball with some of our new missionaries
Our newest addition to the family, Isaac Lee Elton born two weeks ago
Isaac's big brother Eli
Our new missionaries and their trainers. Trainers are Sisters Kaneko and Kamiya. Elders Hilton, Senba, Suzuki, Crompton, Kinard, Burton
Our new missionaries: Elder Jensen, Tomura, Lawry, Migita, Winegar, Kawasaki and Sisters Ishida and Niiyama
P-day activity at the mission home with Elders Taniuchi and Lazenby and Sisters Kaneko, Kawachi, Imoto and Saito
Elders Fukuyasu, Allen, Fry, Hilton, Thurber
Settlers of Catan with Elder Lemme, Burton, Clinton, Geslison, Dickson with President Daniels famous caramel popcorn
Previous Elder Andrew Leatham returned to Sapporo and visited us with his identical twin brother Garrett. We are still not sure if this Andrew or Garrett.
President Daniels still maintains a vertical leap of about six inches