Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hakodate night view
Hakodate Zone at the top of Goryokaku tower
The last samurai fort with a moat in the shape of a pentagon
Lunch with the Rosses
Sisters tackling a Hakodate burger
Missionary lunch at Lucky Pierrot
Elder Kakishita's bean shower with Elder Taniuchi
Morning football with the Hakodate Zone
Sister Masuda inflicted a serious flesh wound on President Daniels
Sisters Saito, Masuda, Taneda, Gingrich
Receiving a Father's day present from Sister Taneda
Elders Butler, Kawasaki and Sisters Masuda and Taneda making Father's day dinner
Hakodate Ward
Hakodate meal
Elder and Sister Ross with Sisters Masuda and Saito

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Morning sports with Elders Ackerman, Kawahara, Christy, Takeda, Sisters Blyle, Onoue, Masuda, Arashiyama, Saito
Lunch with the sisters at Sisters exchange.
Morning sports with Sisters Blyle and Willis
Dinner with the Rosses, Sisters Etchu, Arashiyama, Saito, Masuda, Elders Powell, Hatch, Takeda, Christy
Morning sports at Maruyama
Baptismal Service for Brother Hashimoto. Missionaries: Sisters Nishimura, Matsuki, Elders Kobayashi, Ashimine, Ackerman, Clinton, Newton, Kawahara
Sisters Nishimura and Matsuki fixed dinner for us.
The Asahikawa Elders saying their last goodbye to us (very sad) We are not sure why they are all smiling
Badminton outing with the Asahikawa Zone
Elders Tamashiro, Gandy. Sisters Muir, Kishi. Standing: Elders Kobayashi, Morimoto, Tomura, Takatsuka, Ackerman, Endsley, Kashima, Kawahara, Kogure, Maejima
Life doesn't get much better when Baskin Robbins is involved.
Asahikawa Zone Dinner with Sisters Kishi, Muir, Elders Ackerman, Endsley, Kogure, Maejima, Kashima, Tamashiro, Moritmoto, Gandy
Elder Kashima and Maejima made dinner for everyone.
Obihiro Zone; Sisters Drasso, Imoto. Elders Kobayashi, Shiki, Shurtliff, Haraguchi, Huefner, Ackerman, Kawahara
Brothers Uehara, Kawakami, Elders Ackerman, Kobayashi
Elders Shiki, Shurtliff, Winegar
Elders Haraguchi, Kawahara, and Sister Drasso
Sisters Kado, Imoto, Elder Huefner
Obihiro Zone P-day park golf outing
Real Golf Outing - what a great p-day
Sister Drasso showing compassion to Sister Imoto on the golf course
Naze Fireside in Obihiro
District Relief Society presented us a gift of hand stitched cranes on a blanket
Kushiro Branch Conference
Summer Dance festival in Sapporo

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Early morning seminary scripture mastery challenge with the Kotoni and Teine Wards
Atsubetsu Zone
New missionary shower with Sisters Willis, Nishimura, Blyle and Matsuki
Specialized training meeting photo op
Early morning sports Ackerman, Kawahara, Takeda, Christy, Arashiyama, Masuda, Saito, Etchu
Sister Etchu, Elders Yanez, Clinton, Kobayashi
Sister Arashiyama, Elders Newton, Ashimine
Elder Tuttle , Sister Saito
Sister Masuda, Elders Ackerman, Kawahara, Stoddard