Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Morning Football game
Erika McIntyre and Mike Evans came and visited us. Erika served in our mission. Erika and Mike are joined by Sisters Drasso, Kaneko and Uchida
We are very excited to have Shannon back with us.
Morning basketball with Erika and Mike
Birthday ice cream and McDonalds for Sister Blyel. We had some of the other patrons join us singing Happy Birthday
Obihiro Zone Elders Tamashiro, Nakama, Butler, Lawry, Shoji, Tashiro, Shiki, Hattori, Kawahara, Chang, Miller, Lemme
Obihiro Zone Training Meeting
Zone P-day at Hokkaido Temple (Shinto Temple)
Elders Takahashi, Fetters, Fukuyasu, Sisters Kaneko, Blyle
Elders Sato, Tateishi, Kokusho, Kobayashi, Tashiro, Sisters Kamiya, Niiyama
Sisters Gingrich, Kawachi,Elders Endo, Jensen, Winegar
Elders Kawasaki, Tuttle, Kinard, Christensen, Clinton, Shurtliff
Sisters Uchida, Drasso Elders Stoddard, Robertson, Lazenby
At the top of Maruyama Mountain
P-day hike up Maruyama Mountain
Atsubetsu Zone and Odori Zone Elders
Sisters Kaneko, Uchida, Drasso, Blyle, Kawachi, Gingrich, Kamiya, Niiyama
Atsubetsu and Odori Zone P-day hike
Return trip from the golf outing on P-day
It is great to have our daughter Shannon back with us for this school year
Golf outing with Elders Kobayashi, Lemme, Thurber, Sisters Uchida, Shannon and Drasso
Single Adult FHE at the mission home
Single Adult FHE at the Mission Home

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Birthday run to McDonalds for Elder Tateishi and Winegar
Early morning football at Maruyama Park
Elders Takashima and Clinton brought their investigator, Brother Wakisaka to our house for a lesson and then they fixed us dinner afterwards. I am not sure how the Kotoni Sisters scored an invite
Early morning basketball with some members of the Kotoni Ward
Odori Zone lunch with Elders Winegar, Shurtliff, Christensen and Tuttle
Odori Zone lunch: Sisters Kaneko, Drasso, Uchida, Blyle, Gingrich, Kawachi
Odori Zone: Elders Fukuyasu, Stoddard, Kokusho, Endo, Fetters, Tateishi
New Missionary welcome for Elders Stoddard, Tuttle and Sisters Drasso and Gingrich
Surprise visit to the Odori Sisters to participate in their evening planning session
One of the beautiful skies of Hokkaido
Asahikawa Zone Training Meeting practice session
Asahikawa Zone Training Meeting
Lunch with Asahikawa Zone
Asahikawa Zone luncheon
Early morning football with the Hakodate Zone
The city's lights view from the top of Hakodate Mountain when the clouds cover the mountain. - Bummer
The Hakodate Zone at the top of the mountain
Bowling P-day activity with the Hakodate Zone. Elder Allen took honors with an average of 175.
Presidents Ozawa, Domon, Sakuraba and Yamamoto (District and Stake Presidents in Hokkaido)
Hokkaido Youth Summer Camp. There were approximately 250 people in attendance

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sisters Conference
Park golf outing with Sisters Uchida, Saito, Blyle, Muir Elders Chang, Takashima, Robinson, Allen, Senba, Burton, Jensen, Kawasaki
Departing missionaries last hike: Elders Todd, Geslison, Lawler, Senba, Burton, Shingaki, Sister Saito, Tsuji and Kawachi
Departing missionaries final evening with Elder Senba's mom and Elder Shingaki's parents
Sad sayonara to our departing missionaries
Transfers with Sisters Tsuji, Kamiya Elders Allen, Lemme, Dadivas, Lawler
New missionaries and trainers
Sisters Gingrich, Drasso, Matsuki and Uchida
Elders Lemme, Bellows, Tashiro, Turner, Robertson
Elders Stoddard, Thurber, Santiago, Tamashiro, Tuttle