Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Serving in the Japan Sapporo Mission for the past three years has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences of our lives. It has been an honor and privilege to work with the wonderful missionaries that were called to serve with us. Each one of them touched our hearts and contributed to our happiness. We are grateful that relationships are eternal and we will be able to continue our association. It is sad to say goodbye to all of our missionaries, church members and friends in Hokkaido. However we are excited to be reunited with our family and begin writing the next chapter in our lives. We appreciate all of the prayers, love and support over the past three years. Our love and prayers will always be with you.

President and Sister Daniels
Welcome home in SLC with four of our six children and four of our six grandchildren
Joyful reunion at SLC Airport
Wonderful to see our children again
Family welcome
First greeting at SLC airport by Brennen and Easton
Saturday morning mini zone conference in Tokyo with our returned missionaries and some of our missionaries' families
Friday evening Returned Missionary reunion in Tokyo
Friday afternoon trek to Kamakura
Friday morning sports at Kichijoji
Volunteer work in the Sendai area
Dinner with the Sendai Missionaries
A warm welcome to President and Sister Evans
President and Sister Evans began the next era for the Japan Sapporo Mission
Final dinner with the missionaries at the mission home
Sad farewell to our wonderful missionaries
Our Missionaries serving in Sapporo
Our final devotional at the Temple site
Farewell send off from Elders Ashimine and Takahashi
Last p-day activity with the missionaries serving in Sapporo
Elder McKay Jacobson came back to visit with his family
Final fireside with the Sapporo Nishi Stake Presidency: Presidents Funajima, Domon, Morita
Current and former Stake Presidents in Hokkaido
Morning Sports
Tonkatsu lunch with the office staff: Elders Takeda, Christy and our temps: Sisters Niiyama and Onoue
Hakodate Zone on top of Hakodate yama