Sunday, January 23, 2011

Morning exercise with our new missionaries and trainers
Another intense volleyball game
New trainers with our APs. Elder Miller transferred to Shibetsu and Elder Kinard replaced him and will work with Elder Robinson
Elders Kawasaki and Maejima
Elders Chang and Hueffner
New missionary and trainer dinner
Early morning exercise with our new missionaries: Elders Hueffner and Maejima
Volleyball at its finest
Welcome to the best mission in the world Elders Maejima and Hueffner
District Training Meeting with Elders Willis, Tamashiro, Turner and Sisters Kishi and Ujike
We have been pounded with multiple snow storms this January
Morning basketball at Shinkotoni with Elders Takeda, Santiago, Kinard, Robinson, Suzuki, Miller, Hattori, and Sisters Ujike and Kishi
Intense basketball between Sisters Ujike and Kishi. They were both friends in Kumamoto prior to their missions
P-day volleyball at Kotoni with Sisters Saito, Taneda, Imoto, Blyle and Elders Ashimine, Suzuki, Kinard, and Taniuchi
Morning volleyball at Kotoni with Sisters Ishida and Etchu and Elders Robinson, Kinard, Endsley, Ackerman, Santiago, Hattori, Turner, Miller
Elder Suzuki, Sister Etchu, Elders Ackerman and Endsley
Elders Lawry, Miller, Christy, Endsley and the McCreadys
Sisters Taneda, Muir, Sato, Blyle
Sisters Ishida and Etchu and Elder Robinson??
Tomakomai branch. We had a talk with Sister Saito about White handbook violations of having children on your lap (The girl unexpectedly climbed onto her lap just as the photo was taken - that was according to Sister Saito)
Tomakomai branch luncheon
Sisters Ishida and Etchu invited us to their apartment for dinner
Obihiro Zone: Elders Morimoto, Tahiro, Suzuki, Yanez. Standing: Robinson, Kogure, Miller, Shurtliff, Fukuyasu, Kawasaki, Tomura, Shibata
Elder Yanez after his bean shower
Traditional bean shower
Elders Fukuyasu, Kogure, Miller, Morimoto
Elders Tomura, Suzuki, Tashiro, Yanez, Shurtliff
Obihiro Zone Specialized Training Meeting
Elder Suzuki participating in a workshop done by the ZLs Elder Fukuyasu and Shurtliff
Elder Tashiro and Elder Suzuki's last training meeting

Monday, January 17, 2011

Odori Zone Training Meeting
Our first ever weiner pizza lunch party
Odori Zone: Sisters Saito, Blyle, Imoto, Ishida, Etchu, Taneda. Standing: Elders Kawahara, Christy, Robinson, Takatsuka, Kobayashi, Kobayashi, Robertson, Santiago, Hattori, Miller, Gandy, Lawry
Object lesson where Sister Taneda received a lid to a pan instead of her desired candy
Zone Leaders Elders Kobayashi and Kawahara conducting training
Song of gratitude to the Hakodate RS for making such a wonderful lunch
Sitting: Sisters Matsuki, Onoue, Elders Clinton, Winegar. Standing: Elders Powell, Chang, Fudetani, Robinson, Miller, Taniuchi, Ashimine, Shiki
Communications work shop
Sunrise in Hakodate
Lucky Pierrot with Elders Shiki and Ashimine
Intense bowling with Elder Robinson, Chang, Shiki, Taniuchi, Ashimine, Tuttle, Clinton
Shannon with the Hakodate missionaries
Elders Tuttle, Clinton, Sister Onoue, Elders Miller, Winegar
Hakodate Zone P-day bowling activity
The reason is took 7 hours instead of 5 hours to get to Hakodate (It was not because of Sister Daniels driving)
Sister Imoto's birthday breakfast at McDonalds
P-day basketball game
Another foul by Elder Miller
Atsubetsu Ward Shinnenkai with omochi
Shannon participating in the traditional rice pounding new years party