Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Family outing at the leaning tower of Pisa
Birthday party for Brooke Allen
Pillow fight?
Crystal 30th wedding anniversary present from the missionaries
P-day gathering to celebrate Brooke's birthday and receive our anniversary gift
Maruyama with Sisters Taneda, Saito, Uchida, Muir, Kaneko, Ujike
Maryuama with Easton, Brennen, Elders Haraguchi, Sato, Lawry, Ashimine, Butler, Fukuyasu and Tyson
Missionaries at the top of Maruyama
P-day hike
Pre-hike gathering
Flower fields with our friend Brooke Allen and daughters Shannon and Jordan, Grandsons Tyson and Easton and Elder Miller
Asahikawa Zone performing at the talent show prior to Stake Conference
Power Ranger Missionaries: Elders Taniuchi, Urata, Ackerman, Christy, Kobayashi, Suzuki
Zone Activity
Asahikawa Zone

Monday, October 25, 2010

Asahikawa Zone Conference. Sitting: Elders Tashiro, Thurber, Miller, Sisters Arae, Gingrich, Kobayashi. Standing: Elders Christy, Taniuchi, Urata, Ackerman, Jensen, Bellows, Turner, Suzuki, Kobayashi, Takatsuka
Asahikawa Zone Lunch
Sister Arae was able to see one of her investigators get baptized on her baptismal anniversary date.
Our oldest daughter, Jordan, and our four grandchildren visited us for 10 days.
Our only granddaughter, Camryn, pulling office duty with the mission home staff.
Odori Zone Training Meeting
Kool-aid for lunch with fun-yuns. Health food at its best
Elder Turber and Tashiro teaching a gospel principle using a baseball analogy
Sisters Uchida, Taneda, Saito, Kaneko, Ishida, Drasso at ZTM
Elders Kawahara, Takeda, Christensen, Kokusho, Tuttle, Stoddard, Fetters at ZTM

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hakodate Zone Conference: Sitting Sisters Kaneko, Uchida, Brooke and Dave Allen, Sisters Matsuki, Imoto. Standing: Elders Miller, Endo, Fudetani, Thurber, Powell, Dadivas, Allen, Clinton, Lazenby, Kashima, Santiago, Gandy, Tashiro
Elders singing a hymn at Zone Conference
Usually the Sisters sing at Zone Conference but this time the Elders sang for the sisters.
The Relief Society did another amazing lunch for us.
Hakodate Zone Luncheon
Hakodate Zone morning football game
Elders Allen, Lazenby and Powell
Morning exercise
Elder Miller getting ready to pass
Sisters Kaneko, Uchida, Matsuki, Imoto
Elder Santiago and Gandy with Brother Imai
Elders Endo, Kashima, Fudetani, Tashiro
Elder Dadivas, Clinton, Lazenby
Elders Allen, Thurber, Powell, Miller
Lunch on the way to the Hakodate Zone Conference
Single Adult Family Home Evening at our house
A sad farewell to Elder Lemme
Friends from Park City, Dave and Brooke Allen came to see us.
The tie cutting ceremony with Elder Lemme
The Odori and Atsubetsu Zone Conference
Role playing at Zone Conference
Zone Leader workshop with Chef Elder Kinard
New missionary welcome: Sisters Taneda, Onoue, Saito and their trainers: Sisters Uchida, Kamiya, Kaneko
Photo shoot with the new missionaries
Birthday wishes for Elders Hattori, Kinard and Sisters Blyle and Kaneko