Saturday, February 27, 2010

We visited the Tomakomai Branch today with the Aoyagis. Elders Robinson and Butler are serving there.
Single Adult volleyball game at the Kotoni Church
The Aoyagis spoke to the Sapporo Institute Class
Atsubetsu and Hakodate Zone Conference
Lunch at Zone Conference
Atsubetsu and Hakodate zone lunch

Asahikawa and part of Obihiro Zone Conference
Elders Tateishi, Takeda, Tashiro and Shingaki
Elders Kinard, Yoza, Willis, Christensen and Hilton
Sisters Tsuji, Hosan, Ujike with Elder and Sister Aoyagi
Elders Nakama, Shurtliff, Kashima, Crompton, Fukuyasu and Hattori
Dinner with the Stake Presidencies and wives of the three Stakes in Hokkaido
Odori and part of Obihiro Zone Missionaries
Elder and Sister Aoyagi from the Quorum of 70 toured our mission this past week
The Relief Societies of the wards always provide a wonderful lunch for our zone conferences
The Odori and part of the Obihiro Zones gathered at the Moiwa church for conference

We had a FHE for our Single Adults, Missionaries and Investigators last Sunday

Saturday, February 20, 2010

We are still working with Sister Hansen on color coordination with her wardrobe
A sad farewell to all of our returning missionaries
Sisters Sato, Ikari, Elders Gremmert, Williams, Nelson, Yoneda, Higashi
Morning basketball with Elder Williams, Nelson, Lawler, Higashi, Sisters Kyoda, Sato, Ikari, Kyoda
Sisters Conference minus our Hakodate Sisters
Missionaries at our transfer spot at Sapporo Station
Transfer spot

Elders Chang, Todd, Dickson, Sisters Uchida, Kyoda, Hosan
Elders Crompton, Nelson, Sisters Uchida and Kyoda
We received four new missionaries this transfer: Sister Imoto from Hiroshima, Elder Takeda from Kyoto, Elder Gandy from Utah and Elder Butler from Australia. Their trainers are Sister Kaneko, Elders Tashiro, Todd and Robinson
We brought our new missionaries to a baptismal service their first evening in the mission. Brother Morita from the Shinoro Ward was baptized on Wednesday evening.
Our new missionaries at the airport upon their arrival. When we returned to Sapporo, it was already 10:30 so their welcome gourmet meal was at McDonalds drive thru.
A Valentines cake from the Mission Home Staff: Elder Fukuyasu, Senba, Yamashita, Gremmert, Lawler, Allen and Geslison.
Elder Thurber and Burton at the baptism of Brother Shiota in the Shiroishi Ward

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Musical Fireside at Ebetsu Ward
Sisters Nishime, Kamiya, Kyoda, Ikari, Saito
Elders Senba, Taniuchi, Lazenby, Crompton, Lawler Williams
Dinner with Sisters Ikari and Kyoda and their investigator, Sister Tomita who will be baptized today
Elders Crompton and Taniuchi with their baptism, Brother Omi
The snow festival in Obihiro
Obihiro Zone at the snow festival Elders Yoza, Suzuki, Todd, Tateishi, Jensen, Nakama, Higashi
Elders Tateishi, Nagata, Jensen, Nakama, Todd, Higashi
Elders Kokusho, Suzuki, Dennis, Yoza
Sisters Saito, Hansen, Arae, Kawachi, Kamiya, Kaneko
Early morning basketball with Elders Lawler, Willis, Geslison and Sisters Hosan, Saito, Kaneko and Kyoda
Lunch after DTM with Elders Christensen, Hilton, Kinard, Willis, Chang and Shurtliff
Breakfast with Sisters Kawachi, Arae, Hosan, and Uchida. We needed to do some training on how to cut grapefruit with SIster Kawachi
Early morning basketball with Sisters Uchida, Hosan, Kawachi and Elders Lawler Senba, Geslison and Yamashita
Our favorite snow sculpture this year