Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Asahikawa Zone Lunch with Sisters Kamiya, Ishida, Elders Kobayashi, Urata, Tashiro
Elders Ashimine, Winegar, Haraguchi, Sato
Elders Dadivas, Kokusho, Ackerman
Sisters Ishida and Kamiya made dinner before a team up lesson for the traveling mission staff
Obihiro Zone: Sitting: Elders Butler, Tashiro, Lawry, Gandy Standing: Kawahara, Shingaki, Kinard, Hattori, Shoji, Lemme, Christensen, Yamashita

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Obihiro Zone early morning football game. Timing was good for most of the missionaries
Obihiro Zone: Elders Lemme, Lawry, Tashiro, Kawahara, Christensen, Butler, Hattori, Shoji, Gandy, Yamashita, Shingaki, Kinard

The flower fields with the Atsubetsu Zone
Our newest missionary couple, the Fujis
Atsubetsu zone
July is one of the most beautiful times of the year in Hokkaido with lots of flowers all through out the island
Teaching the missionaries how to change a flat tire on the expressway

Monday, July 19, 2010

We did a fireside at the Shibetsu Branch and Elders Ackerman and Sato made us dinner. Elders Lemme, Tashiro and Sisters Ishida and Kamiya joined the feast.
Fireside with the Shibetsu Branch
The Wakkanai Branch currently doesn't have missionaries serving in their area and they are located at the most northern point of the island of Hokkaido
Sisters Kamiya and Ishida found brother Sato and Elders Taniuchi and Winegar taught him. Great missionary team work.
Asahikawa Zone Conference
The Asahikawa zone outing to Furano
Asahikawa Zone Elders Haraguchi, Sato, Kokusho, Urata, Ackerman, Ashimine, Kobayashi, Dadivas. Sitting: Elder Taniuchi, Sisters Kamiya, Ishida, Elder Winegar
The weather was perfect for the Asahikawa zone outing
Sisters Kamiya and Ishida. A lady asked President Daniels if they were his daughters since she thought they looked just like him.
Lavendar fields at Tomita Farm
The Odori and Atsubetsu Zone Conference
Elders singing for the Relief Society at Zone Conference
Elders Fetters and Miller's baptism: Sister Kato
Sister Uchida and Blyle's baptism: Sister Akiba
Odori Zone outing at another picturesque spot
The weather didn't cooperate for the last part of the Odori Zone flower excursion but we still had fun.
Sisters Arae, Kawachi, Blyle, Uchida, Ujike acting natural
The lavendar fields at Tomita Farm in Furano
Sisters at the waterfall
Elders at the Waterfall

Monday, July 12, 2010

Dinner with the Asahikawa Elders and Sisters: Sisters Uchida, Kawachi, Ishida, Kamiya, Elders Tashiro, Lemme, Taniuchi, Winegar
Fireside prior to the Abashiri Branch Conference
Indian Dinner with some of the members of the Abashiri Branch
Early morning football with the Hakodate Zone
Hakodate Zone: Elders Yamashita, Tashiro, Shoji, Hattori, Lemme, Butler, Kawahara, Lawry, Kinard, Shingaki. Sisters Kawachi, Uchida . Kneeling: Elders Gandy, Christensen
Japanese Elders slumber party at the church for the Obihiro Zone Conference; Elders Hattori, Shoji, Tashiro, Kawahara, Shingaki, Yamashita
Fireside for the Kitami Branch with the missionaries performing
Elder Tashiro demonstrating a teaching technique
Cutting out the material for the object lesson by Elder Kinard, Lawry, Butler, Gandy
The natives attacking our adventurers during the sister's workshop
Hakodate Zone: Sitting Sisters Imoto, Tsuji Elders Tashiro, Shiki. Standing: Elders Tomura, Todd, Geslison, Lemme, Willis, Kashima, Suzuki, Takeda
P-Day activity with the Hakodate Zone
Inside the Ainu home with the zone
Hakodate Zone
Hakodate Zone