Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day after church with the entire family
The future BYU football team
Christmas morning
The traditional stair photo prior to opening presents
Our Christmas pageant on Christmas Eve.
Our entire family were able to visit the lights at Temple Square
The nativity at Temple Square
Elders Rob Lemme and Trevor Todd joined us for a card game.
Kristen's birthday party at the rock climbing wall
Sisters Imoto and Ishida and Elders Kobayashi and Fukuyasu at the Fukuoka Temple.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tyson, Brennen and Easton having fun in our bathtub
Entire family with the exception of Megan and Tanner's family. They will be here this week. We are excited to all be together for the first time in over three years.
Jacob Gremmert joined one of our family dinners.
Kristen's birthday is on the 20th and my birthday was on the 13th. We had our joint family dinner today.
McKay Jacobson and his wife Kim came over on my birthday night. McKay gave me a BYU football signed by the members of the football team. It was a great birthday.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

My son, Ryan, and I were able to attend a BYU basketball game with Elder Ackerman. It was fun to catch up about the mission and hear what a wonderful job the Evans are doing.
Elder Bryan Anderson got engaged this week. They are getting married in April.
Sister Saito's engagement photos are beautiful. She will be getting married in January. Elder Naganuma and Sister Tsuji will also be getting married in January.
Elder Tashiro and Sister Nozomi on a double date with two of our other missionaries: Sister Ujike and Elder Kaneko
Elder Tashiro's grandmother was baptized. Sister Ishida and Nozomi are also in the photo. Wonderful news for the Tashiro family.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Elder Mauai and his wife Jasminn With Elders Sakahashi and Christian.
Activity #6 The BYU UofH football game with Elders Lawler, Nakama and Taniuchi

Elder Eror with his wife Brittney
Elders Nakama, Lawler and Taniuchi with Elder Christian's girlfriend Christy?
Josh and Sister Uchida Bennison with one of their friends (future date of Elder Nakama). I helped him with his commitment and planning skills.
We have known Casey and Derrick Boss since they were born. Our families have been intertwined ever since. They are both preparing for their missions and studying at BYU H
Activity #5 of the reunion. 8 of our missionaries, three spouses and two girlfriends.
Our last activity of the reunion was a dinner hosted by Jason Mauai. Elders Sakahashi, Christian, Mauai, Taniuchi Sister Uchida Bennison and Elder Nakama sitting. Elder Lawler and Eror standing. We missed Elders Urata, Naganuma and Sister Tsuji at the dinner but we were able to see them at other activities.
Mission Reunion activity #4 Beach and surfing with Elders Taniuchi, Lawler, Nakama, Christian and Elder Christian's girlfriend, Christy.
The ocean in front of the Temple at Laiei
Mission Reunion Activity #2 (#3 was basketball but we forgot to take a picture) Elder Naganuma and Sister Tsuji (who are engaged) Sister Uchida now Bennison with husband Josh and Elders Nakama and Taniuchi. Great hamburgers and coconut/macadamia shrimp at Kahuku Grill.
Activity #1 Temple session with Elder Nakama, Sister Uchida Bennison and Josh
Pearl Harbor with Shannon. USS Missouri in the background