Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Elders Miller, Lemme, Tashiro Thurber with the 30 year wedding anniversary video all of the missionaries created for us.
Bishop Chiba and his family brought us a bouquet of flowers for our 30 year wedding anniversary
The missionaries made us a cake and helped us celebrate our wedding anniversary
Grandpa Daniels and Eli
Sister Uchida with the three sisters she trained: Blyle, Taneda and Drasso
Basketball bonding moment with Eli
Isaac with Sister Daniels
Doki: Elders Hattori, Kinard, Fukuyasu, Miller, Willis Sisters Kamiya, Kaneko
Sisters Niiyama, Ishida, Onoue, Taneda, Saito
Eli having fun with Sisters Onoue, and Kamiya
Elders Christensen, Takeda, Fetters, Robertson, Willis, Kawasaki, Shurtliff, Hattori, Fuji
Atsubetsu and Odori Zones
Our daughters Shannon, Megan and Eli and Isaac
Elders Stoddard, Kawasaki, Kokusho
Sisters Uchida, Onoue, Ishida
Sisters Kamiya, Onoue, Taneda
Soccer at the Pday activity With Elders Christensen, Thurber and Fukuyasu, SIsters Blyle, Fuji and Muir
Kickball in between innings
Soccer with Sisters Blyle, Muir, Saito, Elders Butler, Migita, Fukuyasu
Football with Elders Kinard, Kokusho, Fuji, Tashiro, Takeda and Sisters Kamiya and Ishida

Monday, September 20, 2010

Eli helping serve cinnamon twists at the Naze Fireside
Dinner with Elder Jensen, Lemme and Suzuki in Takikawa
Lake Shikotsuko with Sister Kawachi on her way to the airport (slight detour)
Sister Kawachi's last morning exercise
We were sad to say goodbye to Sister Kawachi.
Sister Kawachi's last evening - dinner in Otaru with our family
Sister Kawachi and her pet little American boy
Morning exercise with the trainers and new missionaries
Early morning football game
Transfer spot
Transfer spot at Sapporo Train Station
Sisters Kawachi, Gingrich, Drasso, Muir and Ujike at the transfer spot
Elders Takashima and Clinton's investigator, Brother Wakisaka was baptized and the new missionaries were able to attend the service.
New Missionaries with their trainers, the Daniels Family and APs
New missionary and trainer's dinner
New Missionary lunch with Elders Fudetani, Kogure, Kobayashi, Tashiro, Shibata
Elders Thurber, Lemme, Takatsuka, Christy, Powell, Miller
Sisters Onoue, Saito, Uchida, Taneda
New missionary volleyball game for morning exercise
Our new missionaries arrival: Elders Takatsuka, Shibata, Kogure, Powell, Fudetani, Sisters Onoue, Saito, Taneda
Elder Hattori's birthday celebration
P-day basketball game
P-day volleyball game
The P-Day babysitters (Sister Uchida and Drasso) while we played golf with our daughter Megan and son-in-law, Tanner
Megan and Tanner joined us for a golf outing

Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Convert barbeque at our mission house
The weather cooperated for our barbeque for all of the recent converts. Approximately 50 people participated
Brother Okajima (who was a Sapporo Missionary a few years ago) and his wife Maria (who is Sister Niiyama's older sister) visited us and we had lunch at the missionaries favorite Ramen shop - Yogenzai.
Honorary member of the Sisters Conference - Elder Fukuyasu who did all of the translation
post-dodgeball celebration