Sunday, October 23, 2011

Obviously, the biggest news of this past week was the groundbreaking for the Sapporo Temple. As you can see from the map, the new mission home will also be located on the temple grounds.
What a blessing for the Saints in Hokkaido. We were so excited when the temple was announced approximately two years ago. We thought for sure that we would be there for the groundbreaking and hoped for the dedication as well. Unfortunately, we had already returned when they broke the ground. We were able to assist with the preparation and site selection which was an experience that we will always treasure. We do plan to return for the dedication of the temple. Each missionary who served in Sapporo help lay the foundation of this temple. I am grateful for all of the young men and women that we had the privilege to serve with us as well as all of the Mission Presidents and missionaries that preceded us.
Since Shannon was out of school for a couple of days this past week, Lauren and Ryan worked their schedules to join us on a hike in Zions National Park
Although it was a beautiful Fall day, most of the narrows hike is in the water and unfortunately, the water was freezing. It was still an amazing hike and one that we thoroughly enjoyed.
Zions National Park
Lauren, Shannon and I went to see KA in Las Vegas. We highly recommend it.
Since Terry, Megan and Kristen were all together in Paris this past week, the rest of us didn't want to be left out. Kristen can see the Arc de Triumph from her apartment in Paris. Amazingly, we could see it from our hotel in Las Vegas.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Elder Miller and his date, Tiffany, came and had dinner with us
four of our children four of our grandchildren and our son in law enjoying Sunday evening together.
Shannon and our only granddaughter, Camryn.
Our view off our back deck.
Our backyard with some of the natural wildlife.
We are getting ready to finish our barn
Sister Daniels and I planted fruit trees on Saturday.
Although we miss the Fall colors of Park City, Mapleton isn't too bad either.
Our Okinawa missionaries on an outing: Elder Dadivas and Elder Yoza
We aren't sure what Sister Kyoda and Elder Dadivas are doing

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Many of our missionaries are pursuing their education at BYU Hawaii. Sister Kitayama is from Hokkaido but served in our mission for a transfer (She is in the middle). Elder Naganuma (back row 2nd from left and Elder Urata (back row 2nd from right) are also our returned missionaries in Hawaii. We are excited to see them next month.
Thomas and Yasumi Shrack are expecting our mission grandbaby. We are anxious for the arrival.
One of our missionaries, Jacob Gremmert getting the details of Shannon's homecoming date as she is explaining the event to her siblings.
Shannon's first homecoming dance
A surprise birthday party for our daughter Jordan.
Our oldest daughter Jordan turned 30 this past week. Shannon, Ryan and my mother joined the birthday celebration.
Our theater room provides a pretty good way to watch General Conference

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Elders David Chang and Paul Handy (with his date) at our mini reunion
A wicked billiards game with Elders Rob Lemme, Trevor Todd, and Kevin Thurber. Congratulations to Elder Todd who joins Sisters McIntyre and Hansen, Elders Thurber and Gremmert teaching at the MTC.
Elders Hilton, Fry, Lottermoser and Sister Lottermoser (formerly Sister White)
Elders Crompton and Jensen in a dance off
Sapporo mini-mission reunion. Sitting: Elders Thurber, Gremmert, Crompton, Lemme, Jensen. Standing: Sister Hansen, Elders Lazenby, Chang, Hilton, Park, Pehrson, Leatham, Fry, Handy, Todd and the Lottermosers
Congratulations to Stephen and DaRae Jones and the birth of their son
We were able to attend the Saturday morning session of conference with our daughters, Shannon and Lauren
We were able to meet Sister Saito from Tomakomai at the Conference Center. She was with Elder Todd and Robinson (Trevor and Scott). We attended her baptismal service over a year ago. She mentioned that when she was first contacted by the missionaries, she was extremely busy and couldn't meet. Although she was curious about their message, she informed the missionaries that if they would contact her in May (six months later) she would have time to listen. In the interim, she wondered if she had made a mistake by not listening to them but she was confident that these were the type of young men that would keep their commitment. Fortunately, they kept the record in their area book and contacted her in May. She was attracted by the light she saw in the eyes of the missionaries. When she attended church for the first time, she found the same light in the faces of the members. She was subsequently baptized, went to the temple and is now on a church history tour in the United States. It is wonderful to see members blossom in the gospel.
Our pirate shot from inside the conference center
We were able to play golf with Sister Alicia Drasso's father, John. He was representing his company recruiting at BYU. They have a wonderful family with seven children and three are currently serving missions: Alicia in Sapporo and twin sons in Russia and Ukraine.