Sunday, June 27, 2010

Iwamizawa baptism with Suzuki Family with Elders Kokusho and Kobayashi
Team up lesson with the Odori Sisters where we discovered Panda faces inside our bread
Morning exercise with the Odori Sisters and Moiwa Elders
Returning missionaries with the Fry and Crompton Families
Sad sayonara to Elders Hilton, Maeda, Fry, Sister Hosan, Elder Crompton
Our returning Missionaries: Elders Maeda, Fry, Crompton, Hilton, Sister Hosan
Final hike with departing missionaries
Sisters Conference
Sisters Luncheon
Transfer spot
Our new missionaries with their trainers. Sitting: Elder and Sister Fuji, Elders Haraguchi and Ashimine. Standing Elders Tashiro, Lemme Urata, Dadivas, Lawler
Our two Japanese arrivals ( one day late)
Basketball at Shinkotoni
Otaru District: Sisters Uchida, Blyle, Elders Endo, Miller, Ackerman, Takashima
Early morning football with Toyohira

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Obihiro Zone at the Crane preserve (there were only two cranes both in cages) In the winter months, there are hundreds in the wild
The Marsh Lands outside of Kushiro
Obihiro Zone Back Row: Elders Gandy, Kashima, Hattori, Lawry, Shoji, Kawahara, Kinard, Christensen, Shingaki. Front Row: Eldere Lemme, Lawler, Tashiro
Kushiro Single Adult Conference
The zone talent show dance
Fathers Day dinner with the McCreadys and Elders Lemme and Lawler
Lunch with Sisters Saito, Hosan, Niiyama, Kaneko and Elder Lazenby
Elders Senba, Robinson, Lawler, Kawasaki, Allen, Lemme
Elders Chang, Jensen, Clinton, Burton, Yamashita
Atsubetsu Zone
Sisters Blyle and Uchida invited us to their restaurant for a celestial burger. The menu was great but their prices were a little high
Elders Nakama and Taniuchi invited us to their apartment for a lumpia dinner. One of the best missionary meals we have eaten.
Parade in front of the Mission Home celebrating the settling of Hokkaido
The main float in the parade
Early morning football with the Sister's football baby.
Elders Fukuyasu and Fry
Sisters Muir, Uchida, Blyle, Ujike, Arae, Kawachi
Elders Endo, Lemme, Lawler, Ackerman, Miller, Takashima
Elders Taniuchi, Nakama, Thurber, Willis. Hilton, Migita
Odori Zone Meeting
P-Day Park Golf Outing: Elders Fukuyasu, Kawasaki, Thurber, Fry, Senba, Robison, Lemme, Lawler, Willis, Allen. Sister Saito, Hosan
Tennis with Elders Taniuchi, Yamashita, Nakama, Clinton, Lawler
Single Adult FHE at the Mission Home
Dinner with Sisters Kawachi, Arae, Hosan, Saito and Elders Yamashita and Clinton
Elder Hilton and Migita's baptism: Brother Niida

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Otaru Canal with Sisters Niiyama, Kaneko, Blyle, Uchida, Elders Fry, Fukuyasu
Otaru Talent Show with Sisters Blyle, Kaneko, Uchida, Niiyama, Elders Fry, Fukuyasu, Takashima, Endo
Ice Cream before the Otaru Talent SHow
Sister Saito's baptismal service in Tomakomai
Elder Todd, Butler and Sister Saito
This week is the Yosakoi Dance Festival in Sapporo. Over 10,000 people participate in synchronized dancing complete with costumes for every performing group
On the weekend, there are parades of people performing. There is also one central stage for the dancers