Monday, May 30, 2011

Morning sports with a lot of missionaries
Tie cutting of the Asahikawa Zone
Another nourishing meal at specialized training meeting

The Asahikawa Zone p-day excursion
1,000,000 tulips

Elders Maejima, Kashima, Taylor, Morimoto, Tomura
Elders Gandy, Ikeda, Stoddard, Kogure
Sisters Muir, Dotson, Imoto, Kado

Friday, May 27, 2011

Tulip Farm with 1,000,000 tulips. P-day activity with the Asahikawa Zone
P-Day basketball with Sisters Saito, Tanaka, Willis Semba and Matsuda. Elders Robbins, Kameya, Holbrook, Powell, Fukuta
Volleyball with Sisters Saito, Taneda, Elders Holbrook, Taniuchi, Yamatani, Shinno. Standing Sisters Niiyama, Onoue, Elders Lay, Kawahara, Lawry, Christy, Ackerman, Ovard
Who said you can't touch the net
Sapporo Nishi Stake President Domon and his family.
Part of the Moiwa Ward
Bishop Irie hosted a meal for us and asked us to answer questions from the members
Sisters Matsuki and Maki's investigator, Brother Watanabe, was baptized in Ebetsu
Sisters Matsuki, Blyle, Murase, Maki demonstrating their talent at the ward talent show
Double date with Mai Hattanda and Brother Nishio (who has a baptismal date)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Park Golf with Sisters Semba, Tanaka, Willis, Saito, Hori, Matsuda, Etchu and Elders Clinton and Page
Sisters Tanaka, Saito, Matsuda, Willis and Semba with their desert.
The Chuo Sisters invited us to their apartment for dinner.
Lunch with the Obihiro Zone
Obihiro Zone lunch restaurant specialized in eels. As you can see, they were very fresh. We opted for the pork dish.
Bean shower for Elder Oikawa at the Obihiro Training Meeting
Obihiro Zone tie cutting: Sitting: Sisters Tauira, Drasso, Elders Ellsworth, Endsley, Ackerman, Second Row: Elders Hiltbrand, Winegar, Oikawa, Kobayashi, Aiura, Shiki, Top Row: Kobayashi, Huefner, Shurtliff, Mitsuda, Peterson, Bigger
Early morning sports with Elders Oikawa, Aiura, Winegar, Huefner, Kobayashi, Ackerman, Kobayashi, Sisters Drasso, Tauira.
Teine Zone Tie Cutting
Odori Zone Tie Cutting
Odori and Teine Zones signing ties
Sisters after tie cutting: Hori, Tanaka, Etchu, Sumikawa, Sato, Onoue, Kishi, Saito, Taneda, Niiyama, Semba, Matsuda
Breakfast guests: Sister Etchu and Hori
Tulips are in bloom
Check out Sister Semba's face and then notice where the ball is. I think you can put the pieces together.
Morning football at the park
The Eniwa Elders: Ashimine, Tamashiro, Lundell, and Turner had us, the McCreadys and the Rosses over for dinner
The Elders fixed taco rice and thai food. It was delicious.
The Atsubetsu Zone tie cutting aftermath: Front row: the Fujis, Sisters Blyle, Murase, Second row: Elders Turner, Ashimine, Lundell, Ellis, Sister Matsuki, Maki. Back row: Elders Kobayashi, Kawahara, Narita, Dick, Tamashiro, Takatsuka, Dowdy
Atsubetsu returning Sendai Missionaries: Elders Dick, Dowdy, Ellis, Lundell, Narita, Sisters Murase, Maki
Sad sayonara to two returning missionaries: Elders Benson and Allen
Beautiful view of Sapporo a walking distance from the mission home
Sendai Missionaries returning back from the Hakodate Zone: Elders Benson, Kendall, Woodrow, Yuasa, Lay and Sister Bennett
Tie cutting ceremony for the entire zone
Signing ties
Hakodate Zone Specialized Training Meeting
Elders Kendall, Ackerman, Yuasa, Shibata playing 500
Hakodate Zone P-day. Elders Kawasaki, Shibata, Yuasa, Ackerman, Kendall, Woodrow, Brother Saito, Elders Endo, Taniuchi, Butler, Migita, Sisters Bennett, Gingrich
Park Golf with the Hakodate Zone
Park Golf with some of the Sendai Missionaries before they return next week: Elders Holbrook, Fukuta, Kameya, Allen, Ovard, Robbins, Allen, Shinno, Lawry, Sisters Tehei, Sumikawa, Kishi, Kumagai