Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hakodate Zone sitting: Sisters Kaneko,Saito, Uchida, Matsuki. Standing: Elders Miller, Ashimine, Suzuki, Robinson, Powell, Dadivas, Allen, Lazenby, Kashima, Fudetani, Endo, Winegar, Clinton
Bowling P-day activity
Zone bowling
Perhaps the final golf outing of the year since it is now snowing
Early morning exercise
Early morning soccer game in Hakodate
Bisshop Tsutamori and his family fixed dinner for all of the missionaries. One of the previous Sapporo Missionaries, Elder Nathan Biddle and his wife Samantha visited from Australia
The feast provided by the Tsutamoris
Hakodate dinner at Lucky Pierrots
Sister Kaneko and Saito's baptism, Misa-chan.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mission Presidents Seminar in Osaka with Elder and Sister Goth
The Mission Presidents that will complete their missions next summer: The McIntyres (Japan Kobe) The Tateokas (Japan Sendai) The Jennings (Korea Pusan) and the Dowdles (Guam)
Mission Presidents with the Area Presidency and Elder and Sister Evans
Our friends the Dowdles
We were able to visit Nara and enjoy the beautiful sights from President Daniels first mission to Japan
Single Adult activity at the Mission Home
Dinner with the missionaries after a musical program at Toyohira church. Sisters Uchida, Kaneko, Saito, Matsuki and Elders Lowry, Haraguchi, Ackerman, Robinson
Happy Birthday to Shannon
Sisters Etchu, Ishida Matsuki and Uchida
The semi-surprise birthday party for Shannon before she left for Paris
Hakodate Zone at the Ainu Village
Elders Kashima, Suzuki, Sisters Matsuki, Uchida, Shannon, Sister McCready, Elder McCready, Elders Fudetani, Miller, Robinson, Clinton, Dadivas, Powell, Allen, Ashimine, Endo, Winegar, Lazenby
Traditional Ainu dance
Ainu Village near Tomakomai with the Saitos
AP workshop at the training meeting
Hakodate Zone Training Meeting with Elders Kashima, Fudetani, Clinton, Winegar, Lazenby, Ashimine

Relay race teaching unity principles
Hakodate Zone Training Meeting
Atsubetsu Zone
Atsubetsu Zone Training Meeting with Elders Santiago, Sato, Migita, Miller, Willis, Haraguchi, Lowry
Sister Onoue, Elders Turner, Robertson, Fukuyasu, Butler, Santiago, Sato Migita and half of Elder Willis
Sisters Blyle, Niiyama, Ujike, Onoue, Muir, Drasso
Elders Fukuyasu, Willis, Sister Ujike and Elder Ackerman
Elder Haraguchi, Robertson, Sister Drasso

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Odori Zone Sitting: Sisters Kaneko, Saito, Etchu, Ishida, Taneda, Imoto Standing: Elders Miller, Kobayashi, Kokusho, Stoddard, Christensen, Christy, Gandy, Kobayashi, Kobayashi, Kawahara
Sisters Etchu, Imoto, Ishida, Taneda, Saito, Kaneko at training meeting
Odori Zone Training Meeting
Elder Kawahara baking a cake for his zone
Asahikawa Zone: Elders Suzuki, Robinson, Sisters Gingrich, Arae. Standing: Elders Taniuchi, Takeda, Takashima, Bellows, Jensen, Fetters, Thurber, Tuttle, Kobayashi Takatsuka
Asahikawa Zone Activity at Round 1 Elders Takatsuka, Robinson, Jenson, Bellows
Soccer game at Round 1
Basketball with Elders Fetters, Thruber, Bellows, Taniuchi, Tuttle
Badminton with Sisters Gingrich, Arae, and Shannon
P-day volleyball
Naze fireside with Sisters Onoue and Ujike
Sisters Ujike, Ishida, Etchu, Saito, Kaneko
Sisters Saito, Drasso, Muir
Sunday dinner with Elders Kinard, Turner, Kawahara, Kobayashi, Sisters Kaneko, Saito, Imoto, Taneda
Obihiro Zone sitting: Elders Tashiro, Morimoto, Robinson, Suzuki, Miller. Standing: Elders Kogure, Shibata, Kawasaki, Chang, Tamashiro, Nakama, Shiki, Tomura
Relief Society provided lunch makes the missionaries happy
There is always plenty of food.
Zone Training Meeting teaching the importance of unity
Obihiro Zone Training session