Monday, September 26, 2011

Better late than never. Brandon Allen and his wify Amy.
Congratulations to Tyrie Vella and the birth of his daughter Jaycee.
Another photo courtesy of Dan Nelson. Kumamoto Castle with Sisters Mimaki, Kyoda, Ikari and Elder Yoza
We went atv riding up Maple Canyon outside of Fountain Green, Utah
The fall colors are just starting to change
One of our favorite Utah activities is to watch BYU Football games. We especially enjoyed the game against UCF since we were able to watch the game with Ellie Hansen and Brett and Caitlin Smith. One of our other missionaries was playing on the field: McKay Jacobson
At the Utah game with our three daughters: Lauren, Shannon and Megan.
Provo has beautiful sunsets and this was no exception.
Lunch with Megan and Tanner and our oldest daughter Jordan. We had five of our six grandchildren (Tyson was still in school).
The first BYU football game with Lauren, Shannon, Megan, Tanner. Too bad we were embarrassed by University of Utah on our home field

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Since this blog entry is dedicated to weddings, I thought I would include a photo taken 31 years ago today at the Los Angeles Temple when I married the girl of my dreams. It has been a wonderful 31 years.
Some of the Sapporo Missionaries gathering prior to Elder Tashiro and Sister Kawachi's wedding. Brothers Yoza and Nielson and Sisters Kyoda, Mimaki and Ikari
We wish we could attend all of our missionaries' weddings. This one is uniquely special since both Elder Tashiro and Sister Kawachi served in our mission. Some of our missionaries in attendance were Elders Nelson, Hattori, Suzuki, Yoza, Semba, Sisters Kyoda, Ikari, Ishida, Mimaki.
If I could have arranged marriages, this is one that I would have arranged.
A little late post from Jonathan and Bree Taylor's wedding at the Mesa Temple in Arizona.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturday afternoon at the Daniels watching the BYU/Texas Football game and celebrating Brennen's birthday. Front row: Tyson, Easton, Brennen, Jordan, Camryn and Matt Merrell. Back row: Amber and Scott Robinson, Stephen and Madison Lottermoser, Bryan Anderson and friend, Frederick Rohlfing, Dallin Christensen, Andy Gesslison, Paul Handy, Taylor and Cameron Collins.
Provo Temple with Scott and Amber Robinson, Erika McIntyre and Dallin Christensen
Our grandson, Brennen's fourth birthday party with many of our returned missionaries
Zuppas after the temple with Stephen and Madison Lottermoser, Frederick Rohlfing, Erika McIntryre, Scott and Amber Robinson
Outside of the Provo Temple
Morgan Willis and Dallin Christensen visited my office at BYU. Morgan is getting ready to start school at BYU Idaho. Dallin attends BYU Provo

Sunday, September 4, 2011

In addition to photos, I will try to keep our sight updated with news of our missionaries. This will be good English practice for our Japanese missionaries. We were able to spend a lot of time with many of our missionaries this week. On Friday, I played golf with Andrew Poulson and John Fetters. I then went wake boarding with Rob Lemme. On Saturday, we watched the BYU Football game at our house and had a barbeque. I should have taken a photo but I forgot. I hope I remember everyone who attended: Daniel Lawler, Miles Nelson and wife, Daniel Jankowski and wife, Stephen Jones and wife, Bryan Anderson and girlfriend, Rob Lemme and brother, Tommy Crompton, Naoki Akasaka, Braden Kinard, Dallin Christensen, Paul Handy. Jacob Gremmert and his mother and brother and Chelsea Blyle came to the barbeque. It was great to see everyone. We excused Jonathan Taylor since he was getting married in the Mesa Temple. We wish we could have been there.

We were able to go to the temple wedding receptions for Scott Robinson and Brandon Allen. It is wonderful to see our missionaries move forward with their lives with education, marriage, work and a continued dedication to the gospel.
I still love to go wakeboarding whenever I can.
Our daughter Kristen, and her husband Will, visited us from Paris. Ryan joined us to watch Tyson's football game.
McKay Jacobson invited us to go four wheeling with him at Fountain Green. It was a great time.
We were able to attend the temple with Rob Lemme, Frederick Rohlfing, Dan Nelson and his mom.
We added a library to our house when we moved in.
Our unsuccessful boat outing with Bryan Anderson, Taylor Taniuchi, Andrew Poulson, Nainoa Christian, Frederick Rohlfing. The boat died in the middle of Utah Lake and we had to be rescued by the coast guard. It was still wonderful to spend time with the missionaries.
One of our boating excursions to Utah Lake
Sister Daniels parents and their entire posterity minus our third daughter Megan and her family.
Our family loves Lake Powell and we were able to take a trip there this summer.
Playing golf with McKay Jacobson
Our family (minus Kristen and Will in Paris) a couple of weeks after we returned home
family fun at the park
The first of many Sapporo Mission Reunions. We are fortunate to be close to BYU and UVU where many of our missionaries attend school.
Our Utah family (our oldest daughter, Jordan and her husband Matt), live about 10 minutes away
The Daniels Family gathering our first weekend home