Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Since this blog entry is dedicated to weddings, I thought I would include a photo taken 31 years ago today at the Los Angeles Temple when I married the girl of my dreams. It has been a wonderful 31 years.
Some of the Sapporo Missionaries gathering prior to Elder Tashiro and Sister Kawachi's wedding. Brothers Yoza and Nielson and Sisters Kyoda, Mimaki and Ikari
We wish we could attend all of our missionaries' weddings. This one is uniquely special since both Elder Tashiro and Sister Kawachi served in our mission. Some of our missionaries in attendance were Elders Nelson, Hattori, Suzuki, Yoza, Semba, Sisters Kyoda, Ikari, Ishida, Mimaki.
If I could have arranged marriages, this is one that I would have arranged.
A little late post from Jonathan and Bree Taylor's wedding at the Mesa Temple in Arizona.

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