Sunday, March 27, 2011

Elder Kobayashi and Ovard's baptism
Heart attack to welcome our Sendai Missionaries
Basketball with Shinkotoni Sisters
Sisters Asato Kishi, Sumikawa, Yoshizawa
ZL Council Meeting
ZL Council Meeting dinner
Chimichangas and tacos. Life doesn't get much better
Sisters Semba, Onda, Ishida, Matsuki
Elders Ogaki, Taniuchi, Kashima, Kawasaki, Narita
Elders Kaneko, Kobayashi, Suzuki, Andrus, Kameya, Kawahara, Shiki
ZL Council Meeting with Elders Shurtliff, Ovard, Warren, Woodrow, Clinton, Ackerman
Healthy lunch for ZL Council Meeting (no one complained)
Dollar menu is a value
Sister Semba's birthday party (one of many)
Volleyball in action
Tie cutting for Elder Fudetani. Elders Ogaki, Takeda, Kaneko, Taniuchi, Holbrook, Ackerman
Mission Home staff and Elder Fudetani enjoy the famous celestial kingdom in a cup
Atsubetsu Zone DTM. Sisters Fuji, Tauira, Murase, Matsuki, Drasso, Blyle, Maki, Elders Tamashiro, Dowdy, Bellows, Takatsuka, Dick, Ellis, Ashimine, Lundell, Allen, Yamatani, Fuji, Narita, Kawahara
Basketball with the Shinkotoni missionaries: Sisters Kumagai, Ishida, Kishi, Sumikawa, Asato, Yoshizawa, Elders Ackerman, Taniuchi, Andrus, Ogaki, Holbrook
Moiwa Elders and Odori Sisters
P-day volleyball with Sisters Furukawa, Onda and Elders Robbins and Tanaka
2nd shift of P-day volleyball with Elders Holbrook, Tomura, Christy and Sisters Hori and Etchu
Early morning P-day volleyball and basketball: Sisters Taneda, Saito, Sato, Semba, Tanaka, Onoue, Kaneko, Beaven Elders Ovard Taniuchi, Kobayashi, Ogaki, Shaw, Taylor
Volleyball in action
Elder Senba and his fiance Miya came to Sapporo to see us (and eat soup curry)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Departure for transfers after the conference
Let the work begin
Sisters Etchu, Blyle, Saito, and Tanaka
Photo ops
Elder Andrus making new friends with Elders Kashima, Christy, Takashima, Turner, Robertson and Jensen
Combined Missionaries singing for the Relief Society Sisters
The new Japan Sapporo Mission. We love it!
The Relief Society Sisters made lunch for over 120 people with less than 24 hours notice. The Hokkaido members have opened their hearts and their arms to the new missionaries.
We are little concerned about what the Sendai sisters brought in their suitcases
President and Sister Tateoka, Elder and Sister Choi, President and Sister Daniels
President and Sister Tateoka arrived with the last group of missionaries on Thursday night. On Friday, they were able to meet with all of their missionaries for the first time since the earthquake. The missionaries were very sad to say goodbye to the Tateokas. They are an amazing couple and bless the lives of all of us who come to know them. Our loves and prayers are with them as they now focus on meeting the needs of all of the members in the Sendai area.
Breakfast with some of our new missionaries from Sendai
Elders Takeda and Migita on an emergency pillow and blanket run with Sister Daniels
Managing the travel logistics of transportation was a challenge
The third group of missionaries flew in directly from the Tohoku area.
The second group of Sendai Missionaries arrived around 1:00pm at Chitose Airport
The first group of Sendai Missionaries arrived at approximately 11:00am on Thursday. They were welcomed to Sapporo with a major snow storm
Unfortunately with the announcement of the incoming Sendai Missionaries, we were also informed that the missionaries scheduled to go home in April and May would return the next day. We had to meet Elder Fukuyasu at the airport.
We were sad to see Elder Robinson, Chang and Lazenby leave us - especially with such short notice.
Instead of a last dinner with our returning missionaries, we had a last breakfast
We had a specialized training meeting on Wednesday, the day we received the announcement that all of the Sapporo Missionaries would be relocated to Sapporo
We drove from Asahikawa to Obihiro and were able to visit the ice caves on the way
Elder and Sister Gibson and Elder and Sister Goth were visiting Sapporo this past week. It was wonderful to have them in Sapporo when all of the Sendai Missionaries arrived.
Asahikawa Zone Specialized Training Meeting
p-day activity with the Asahikawa Zone