Sunday, March 27, 2011

ZL Council Meeting dinner
Chimichangas and tacos. Life doesn't get much better
Sisters Semba, Onda, Ishida, Matsuki
Elders Ogaki, Taniuchi, Kashima, Kawasaki, Narita
Elders Kaneko, Kobayashi, Suzuki, Andrus, Kameya, Kawahara, Shiki

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  1. President and Sister Daniels. I was thrilled to find your blog. Our son Elder Zachary Page is in the MTC leaving for Sapporo on April 18th. He was one of the ones originally assigned to Sendai. He called us last week so excited about his new assignment. Thank you for your tireless service with these great young men and sisters. I look forward to watching my son grown as he serves the people of Sapporo. Love from North Carolina Sister Lisa Page