Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ice cream party after bowling
P-day bowling
Bowling group: Elders Tomura, Ackerman, Sato, Robinson, Kawahara, Butler, Santiago, Takatsuka, Kogure, and Sisters Etchu, Imoto
The sports group: Sisters Matsuki, Drasso, Elders Bellows, Ashimine, Kobayashi, Kinard, Endsley
Missionary work with the members in Otaru and Sisters Taneda, Ishida, Kishi, Ujike and Elders Gandy and Robertson
Sisters Ishida and Taneda in action
Missionaries enjoying the Sapporo Winter
Ice cream sundaes with Sisters Kishi, Ujike, Taneda, Ishida
Sapporo Kokusai ski resort overlooks the ocean
Morning basketball at Shinkotoni
Tim Tam Slam party with Elders Robinson, Takeda, Santiago, Kinard, Shibata, Clinton and Bella
Another snow scultpure
Elders shot at Yuki matsuri
Combined zone photo shoot at the snow festival
Sisters Muir, Ujike, Onoue, Kishi, Drasso and Matsuki
My favorite snow sculpture
The illumination enhances the beauty of the sculptures
Combined Atsubetsu and Hakodate Zone Conference
Role Play in action by Elders Ackerman and Bellows
Atsubetsu/Hakodate Zone Conference
Elders Kinard, Sato, Robinson, Chang, Clinton, Tamashiro and Haraguchi enjoying Costco pizza for lunch
Sisters Ujike, Kishi, Matsuki, Drasso, Muir, Etchu, Onoue, Taneda and McCready
Elders Ashimine, Shibata, Powell, Kogure
Elders Endsley, Turner, Shiki, Ackerman, Butler, Taniuchi
Morning Volleyball
Another snow sculpture at the snow festival
We were greeted with another snow storm at the snow festival ( I guess that is appropriate)
Family snow shot
Sisters shot
The famous Sapporo Snow Festival
The Lion King Snow Sculpture
The dinosaur ice sculpture
Combined Odori and Asahikawa Zones
Sapporo Yuki matsuri

Monday, February 14, 2011

Combined Asahikawa/Odori Zone Conference
Costco pizza and cookies for another zone conference lunch
Sisters enjoying pizza
Happy Elders
Morning volleyball featuring Sisters Blyle and Saito in their matching official snow festival shirts
Obihiro Zone: Sitting - Elder Robinson, Sisters Etchu and Imoto. Standing: Elders Kinard, Kawasaki, Kobayashi, Morimoto, Fudetani, Shurtliff, Yanez, Winegar, Maejima, Fukuyasu, Takashima
Another delicious lunch from the Obihiro Relief Society

Bean shower for Elder Maejima
Zone Conference in action
The foot onsen at the winter festival in Obihiro. Elders Shurtliff, Yanez. Kinard, Robinson, Takashima
The Daniels Family at the light festival
Obihiro Zone at minus 10 degrees
The lights would change with the music.
Dinner at Najas