Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Morning football at the park
The Eniwa Elders: Ashimine, Tamashiro, Lundell, and Turner had us, the McCreadys and the Rosses over for dinner
The Elders fixed taco rice and thai food. It was delicious.
The Atsubetsu Zone tie cutting aftermath: Front row: the Fujis, Sisters Blyle, Murase, Second row: Elders Turner, Ashimine, Lundell, Ellis, Sister Matsuki, Maki. Back row: Elders Kobayashi, Kawahara, Narita, Dick, Tamashiro, Takatsuka, Dowdy
Atsubetsu returning Sendai Missionaries: Elders Dick, Dowdy, Ellis, Lundell, Narita, Sisters Murase, Maki

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