Monday, July 19, 2010

We did a fireside at the Shibetsu Branch and Elders Ackerman and Sato made us dinner. Elders Lemme, Tashiro and Sisters Ishida and Kamiya joined the feast.
Fireside with the Shibetsu Branch
The Wakkanai Branch currently doesn't have missionaries serving in their area and they are located at the most northern point of the island of Hokkaido
Sisters Kamiya and Ishida found brother Sato and Elders Taniuchi and Winegar taught him. Great missionary team work.
Asahikawa Zone Conference

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  1. I served in the Sapporo mission 1982-1984. Who can help me with some search requests? I may have hit the motherlode here... I must re-connect with some of my friends there (Kushiro, Sapporo Sumikawa, Muroran, Shibetsu, Asahigawa, and Takikawa...

    Please help...