Friday, July 24, 2009

Seated on the sofa is Sister Matsumoto, Elder Jankowski, Elder Sakahashi and Elder Akasaka.  They are leaving us to go back to their homes.  We love each of them and will miss them.
We have a tie cutting ceremony where I keep a tie from each missionary going home. I will eventually make a remembrance quilt out of them.
Our returning missionaries at the top of Maruyama Mountain overlooking Sapporo.
A very warm welcome to Elder Robinson from Lindon,Utah and Elder Chang from Kona Hawaii. Elder Lawler is next to me and will be Elder Robinson's trainer. Elder Chang is next with Elder Raymond, who will be his trainer.  

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  1. We are an older couple from Salt Lake who will be in your area on Sunday, Oct 4. Is there anyone who could pick us up and take us to church? We will be getting off a cruise ship at Hakodate on the 4th and Otaru on the 5th. We would also like to pay an English speaker to take us on a tour, if that's possible. Thanks, Sister Park