Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Otaru Canal
The Asahikawa District. Back row: Elders Chang, Thurber, Lazenby, Yamashita, Shoji, Dadivas, Sanborn, Jensen. Middle row: Sisters McIntyre, Tsuji, Elders Urata, Shinji. Bottom row: Elders Cambell, Mauai, Maeda, Burton and Weloth
Sunday evening butter chicken Indian curry dinner with the Asahikawa district
Lunch with the Hakodate Zone. Elders Tateishi, Kokusho, Sisters Ikari, Hosan

Hakodate Elders Christian, Higashi, Ellege, Yoza, Fetters, Dennis

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  1. My brother is on this mission, Elder kurt j. Weloth. You have a really great blog. I really appreciate the time you put into it, it has very cool pictures of the missionaries on it.