Sunday, January 17, 2010

The most amazing story happened Wednesday night. We had left our apartment promptly at 6:00 pm and were on our way to go find the elite. I was riding in front and my comp was right behind me. We were about half way across a street (we had a green light and a crosswalk) when out of nowhere for some reason that I don’t understand I just hit me brakes and end up falling over the front of my bike and hitting the ground. The amazing part, however was that as I had slammed on my brakes, a car flew through the intersection and passed by no further than 1 ½ feet away from my kike. I’d like to think that I have managed to spot the car in my peripheral vision and had instinctively hit the brakes, but I think that would be giving me for to much credit. The only explanation that makes any sense to me is that I was protected by some greater manifestation of parental love. You hate to think about the ‘what if’s’ in life, after a close call like that. You can’t help but wonder about what would have happened if I was hit head on by a car going 24 MPH. Part of me is afraid that I would have ended up as modern art on the pavement.

Luckily everyone in my area is very nice and they all want to give us food. I think we are probably the only area in the mission where we get more food from people we contact than from the food basket. Lots of times, people with no interest will still insist we take something they’ve grown from their garden before we leave. In fat, one lady got angry and rebuked us on her doorstep and once we got halfway down the road, chased us down to gave us some corn. We figured it was poisoned and threw it away, but that's all right because that same day we got more corn, some carrots, potatos, a watermelon. The next day we got milk straight from the cow and a fridge full of soda and juice. I obviously would much rather have them make an appointment with me, but I will also gladly accept their food.

One day this week, I was having a really, really not happy day. My patience was gone. I was cold and just not in a good mood and ready to give up for the day. I didn’t think I could keep going. So as we were walking, I was praying and I heard/felt a voice whisper to me, “Mine angels are round about you, to bear you up.” I really felt them there. All of a sudden, I felt better and happier. I know Heavenly Father really does answer our prayer and provides us with the support we need. He will never leave us alone and helpless. We never have reason to doubt or fear, because the Lord is really on our side.

I love this time of year. It is freezing and that's what is so great about it! I think my favorite dendo is in the blizzard, typhoon, sand storm (happened once in Obihiro). Because during those times is when we get to show our love to God – our ultimate love! My comp and I the other night before going to bed were talking about how good it feels to give fully of ourselves in this crazy weather. It feels so good to lay down at night after working our hardest in the cold and show our Father In Heaven our ultimate love for Him. I love Him and that love is what keeps me going! I want everyone to feel of His love everyday!

I realized that I really can teach and all my struggles were in my head. My Japanese isn’t incredible but what can I say, my English isn’t amazing either.

Over the phone my family sang Kami no do desu, in Japanese. I could not believe it and I thought I was going to cry. So I guess you could say that because of being on my mission for 2 years I have come to a much greater appreciation for my family. I guess you don’t really understand the importance of some things until you don’t have them during important times, like Christmas.

My companion and I also got talking this week on an especially cold day. We concluded if there was a mission anywhere in the world where missionaries should be allowed beards, it is this one. And since you do have the power to adjust any mission rules to fit the needs of the mission, we just thought we would ask. I’m pretty sure what the answer will be, but I figured it was worth a shot anyways.

If my mission ended now my joy would be full (not that I want it to end). My mission goal has been completed! Before my mission I didn’t make a ton of goals but I do remember 2 goals. Number 1. Baptize a young boy who will grow up to serve a mission and be married in the temple. 2. Baptize/convert a family. With the baptism of the kids, we not only baptized one kid but 2 kids who will serve missions and be married in the temple. With the kids going to church and wanting to be baptizes the mother was reactivated! Now they are a happy little family!!! It felt good to get wet again! The most gratifying part was when both of the kids got out of the water and said, “Wow I feel so so warm! What is this feeling?” They later identified it when they bore testimony that they felt Gods love.

I want to thank you for the opportunity to cleanse the apt., enjoy the culture and finally cleanse my self. That's exactly how I felt! Saturday was the best day in my opinion. I truly felt that day. What did I feel? I felt the physical effects that come from fasting for 24 hours. I felt the physical effects that come from reading and sitting for 13 hours. But, that was not felt by the spirit, only by the body. What was felt by the spirit was something much more. I felt the spirit over power the body. I felt the testimony of prophets. I felt the truth of the Book of Mormon. I felt the Spirit!!! I can say without doubt the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I have always known that and I will never deny it!

I got the feeling that morning to make a new tango ring and while sitting there waiting for someone to sit next to me, I decided to study tango. A young man sat next to me and I got the idea to ask the person how to use the word I was studying in a sentence. I was surprised when they started teaching me Japanese and really started explaining when and how to use the word. I really learned a lot of new things and then that made it really easy to start going into the contact. I was definitely able to feel the Lords help in preparing me for that experience and I really gained al lot of confidence with talking to people. I was also was able to learn new things with Japanese, and I know my Japanese improved. Wow, the Lord really does work in amazing and mysterious ways. It is a lot of fun seeing His had in dendo.

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