Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our little boy Ryan, turned 22 on the 10th. We are into our birthday week in our family: We celebrated Ryan's birthday by having lunch at Tucanos, Megan will be 26 on the 15th. We came to California to celebrate ( Although I am flying back to Utah before the party) and Shannon will turn 18 on the 17th. Hopefully, she and Terry will drive home safely so we can celebrate her birthday. She was recently accepted to BYU and is going to began her university education in January.
Lauren took these photos of our oldest daughter, Jordan, and her family in our back yard (field)
Daughters #3 and 1 (Megan and Jordan) went to the premier of Twilight in Los Angeles this past week.
Kristen and Will went on a temple excursion to the Frankfurt temple this past week
Another mission grand-daughter. Congratulations to Tom and Yasumi Shrack on the birth of their daughter

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