Friday, June 19, 2009

Lunch with some of the sisters after transfer. It was the first time to eat soup curry. From left to right: Sisters Kyoda, Uchida,Ogita, White, Matsumoto, Tsuji
Most of our missionaries need to transit through the main Sapporo Train Station on transfers. It provides a short opportunity for missionaries to visit. Front Row: Elders Thurber and Naganuma. Back Row (LtoR) Elders Weloth, Lazenby and Christensen.
Of our 20 missionaries, 17 are from Japan. Sister Hosan is from Mongolia and we have two from the USA. In this picture - Sisters Uchida, Hosan, Ogita, Mimaki, Hansen
Elders Crompton, Allen and Todd

Elders Ogura, Urata, Senba, Fry, Sato and Brother Unamoto

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