Friday, June 19, 2009

We welcomed four new Zone Leaders to our ZL Council meeting: Elders Williams, Senba, Park and Christian as well as one new AP, Elder Nelson. Elder Nelson is from Canada and is a little sensitive about being grouped in with the Americans. Front Row: Elders Lottermoser, Senba, Watanabe and Nelson. Back Row: Elders Mauai, Sakahashi, Williams, Yoneda, Park, Jankowski, Yoza, Christian.
We need to keep an eye on our Japanese missionaries and make sure we explain the proper eating protocol for American food. At ZL Council meeting, we had hot dogs and chips. Sister Daniels also made a chinese chicken salad. Before we could explain, all of the Japanese Elders had used the chinese chicken salad as a condiment on their  hot dogs. We had a similar experience with our sisters at breakfast. We did not adequately explain that the picante sauce was for the eggs and the syrup was for the pancakes.
We start our ZL Council meeting on P-Day so we can get a little basketball in. You can see how Elder Nelson aggressively hand checks.
We also have a traditional best ball park golf tournament as part of our ZL Council activities.

Every once in a while, we need to include some pictures of our family. Eli turned one in May and is happy living with his parents in Santa Monica


  1. I heard President Daniels' interview on the Mormon Channel radio. It was a great insight into the life of a Japan Mission President.
    'Love your blog. Keep up the great work.

  2. eli likes being included in your blog... and i love it! i love seeing pictures of all you do. i miss you guys!