Friday, June 12, 2009

Shannon decided to try early morning seminary out with the students from our home ward in Kotoni.
It is always sad to say goodbye to our missionaries. We lost Elder Muratta (who was one of our previous APs), Elder Handy (ZL), Sister White and Sister Ogita, Elder Nielson (ZL) and Elder Shrack (previous AP). They were wonderful missionaries. Sister Ogita's parents pick her up and participated in our last supper and testimony meeting. We were able to have dinner with Elder Nielson's parents last night. His father has worked with my brother, Ron, for about 25 years.
We immediately introduce our new missionaries to our morning exercise. We played ultimate frisbee one morning and basketball the next. On the front row from left to right: Sisters Kyoda, Nishimuro, Uchida and Arae. Back row: Elders Nelson (our newest AP), Gremmert, Raymond, Watanabe and Akasaka
Our office staff, trainers and new missionaries. Sister Uchida is companions with Sister Kyoda in Shin Kotoni, Sister Arae is companions with Sister Nishimuro in Eniwa. Elder Lazenby (3rd from right is companions with Elder Weloth in Suehiro. The rest of the missionaries are our office staff

We received three new missionaries this transfer. Elder Lazenby is from Yucaipa, California. He is a convert to the church and dreamed of serving a mission to Japan. Sister Uchida is from outside of Tokyo. Her family are all active and her father is serving as a Bishop. Sister Arae is also a recent convert to the church. She joined the church about two years ago, studied English at BYU ESL and decided to serve a mission while she was living in Utah. We had a wonderful testimony meeting with them and they will excellent missionaries.


  1. Great job on the blog! I look forward to future posts. Keep up the good work! We love you!
    The Frys

  2. Thanks Sister is really nice to get the stats on the mission..there is a lot I didn't know. My husband served in Hong Kong 34 years ago. We are hoping to get back there when we come get our son Elder Christensen. One of Elder C's friends had your son Ryan as his Zone or District leader in the MTC. His name is Logan Ward and he went to Calif. Mandarin speaking. He is having some great experiences! Wynette Christensen

  3. I am glad that you guys started this blog. Its fun to see all the missionaries and what you guys are doing! We love and miss you guys! keep the posts coming!