Sunday, April 3, 2011

Morning basketball with Sisters Asato, Yoshizawa, Kishi, Tehei and Elders Ogaki, Takeda, Taniuchi, Holbrook
Tie cutting ceremony for Sister Ishida who we hope will return to the mission after she recovers from her illness. Sisters Asato, Kumagai, Ishida, Kishi. Standing Sisters Sumikawa, Yoshizawa
Lunch with Elders Carthew, Warren, Yanez, Kurita
Sisters Asato, Kumagai, Ishida, Kishi, Sumikawa, Yoshizawa
Morning sports with Sisters Hori, Onda, Furukawa, Etchu and Elders Ackerman, Tomura, Ogaki, Tanaka, Christy, Robbins

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