Saturday, April 30, 2011

New missionaries with their trainers standing behind: Elders Lay, Mitsuda, Clinton, Butler, Taniuchi, Ackerman, Ovard, Lawry, Kameya, Sisters Saito, Tanaka, Semba.
Morning volleyball with some of our new missionaries and the Kotoni Sisters
Welcome to our newest missionaries: Sisters Willis, Masuda and Elders Page, Kendall, Benson, Fukuta (APs Taniuchi and Ogaki) bending: Elders Shinno, Oikawa
Surprise birthday party for Sister Furukawa: Sisters Etchu, Onda, Furukawa, Hori
The Kotoni Sisters invited us over for a butadon dinner, it was delicious. Sisters Beaven, Sato, Taneda, Onoue

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