Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our new missionary welcome shower. New missionaries sitting: Elders Newton, Taylor, Robbins, Sister Kaneko, Furukawa. Trainers standing: Elders Lawry, Shaw, Tomura, Holbrook, Saito, Semba, Onda
Sisters Saito, Onoue, Taneda, Kaneko, Semba, Tanaka, Furukawa
Elders Ovard, Kaneshiro, Newton, Kaneko
Sisters Onda, Furukawa, Saito, Kaneko, Semba
Clockwise from Elder Ackerman, Taniuchi, Takeda, Watanabe, Kaneshiro, Robbins, Taylor, Shaw, Ovard, Holbrook, Ogaki, Kaneko


  1. President and Sister Daniels,
    I am so happy to see where my son Elder Zachary Page will be for the next 2 years. Looks like he is in good hands. He is one of a few Elders who were called to Sendai and are now assigned to your mission. He arrives next week! He is sooo excited and ready to work. I hope that you come to love him as much as we do. Can't wait to see updates and all that the mission is doing.
    Love from North Carolina Lisa Page
    (oh yes! We Know Elder Burton who also served with you there in Sapporo)

  2. Glad to see my brother Elder Shaw in some pictures, and know that he is doing well. Thanks so much for your efforts and work on the blog, I check it regularly! We pray for all of your missionaries serving in Sapporo!